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                                1. PROJECT RATIONALE
1.1 Needs analysis
Why creative leadership programme is needed in the HEI?
What kind of socio-economic challenges is the programme designed to address?
The CLEVER program strives to develop a new approach to teaching for the 21st century. An approach where the creative professional needs to both span a diverse multitude of interrelated disciplines and furthermore to use these creative tools as a force for progress, change and influence.
For the past decade the department of Photographic Communication at the Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem has defined its vision to prepare its graduates for the reality of professional life after their studies. Furthermore, it attempts to infuse in its students and graduates an awareness of leadership, excellence and a responsibility for change. This approach manifests itself throughout the four years in the nature of the exercises, tasks and projects, each of which are designed to build up a blend of commitment and confidence in their ability to bring about change.
Nevertheless, it is often true that students who have gained their professional knowledge and honed their skills in the creative communication industries,
such as visual communication, media and design, enter the real world with a basic lack of business acumen and understanding of how to promote themselves within it.
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