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                                1.2 Strengths and weaknesses
What is the status quo? Which of the existing conditions support the development of creative leadership programme and which challenges need to be tackled?
The current curriculum of the college as defined in its original academic roadmap has not hitherto placed an emphasis on the establishment of entrepreneurship and leadership. This is a quantum strategic and academic shift, which necessitates the development of entirely new methodologies, pedagogies and a new visionary roadmap.
The academic structure of the Photographic Communication department is already geared towards the application of skills into the workforce. Therefore, it is felt that rather than a revolutionary upheaval of the entire curriculum, what is needed is an evolutionary approach. One, which identifies the already existing courses, most closely identified with the goals of creative leadership, and honing them in accordance with the suggested emphasis of the mentoring leadership.
In this context, it is important to note the strategic and structural change, which the Hadassah Academic College has recently undergone. The seventeen academic programmes within the thirteen departments (currently) that constitute the college are now comprised of two schools:
The Interdisciplinary School for Sciences, Health and Society The Interdisciplinary School for Society & Community
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